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Getting Started with Readability for iPhone

Welcome aboard! You are now the proud owner of an app that has been designed to make discovering and reading articles as comfortable as possible. In this article we’ll walk through the key features of Readability for iPhone.

Note: If you are using iOS 6, you can find instructions for the previous version of Readability here.


The first thing you’ll see when launching Readability is a frequently updating list of excellent articles recommended by Readability community members that you follow. These are hand-picked articles that other folks have found interesting and think you should read. You decide the volume and type of articles that you see by following and unfollowing Readability members.

Readability for iOS, Recommended

Saving Recommendations

While on Recommended, you can save any article to you Reading List by swiping it to the left. You can remove it from your List by swiping it to the left a second time.

Readability for iOS, Recommended, Read Later

Who to Follow

The Readability Community is brimming with well-read folks that recommend articles on nearly any topic that you’d like to read. Who to Follow is a oft-updating section that surfaces individuals that are currently making great Recommendations.

Readability for iOS, Recommended, Who to Follow


You can quickly switch between the three main views of Readability–Recommended, Reading List, and Profile–by swiping to the right from the left edge or by tapping on the icon in the top left corner.

Readability for iOS, navigation

Your Profile, Followers, Following

Your Profile is your public face in the Readability community, it displays your picture, name, and bio. Your Profile also displays your Recommendations, Followers, and Following. Browsing other members’ profiles is a great way to find people to follow.

Readability for iOS, Profile and Following

Your Reading List

This is where all the articles you’ve saved are stored. You can start reading right away by tapping on an article. Switch to your Favorites and Archives using the buttons above the list.

Readability for iOS, Reading List

Syncing Your Articles

When you launch Readability it will sync with the Readability service and download all of the articles you’ve saved. Once the articles are downloaded you can read them whenever you want, even offline. This can take some time depending on how many articles you have saved. You can see the progress in the red loading bar at the top. You can also sync your list anytime you are online by pulling down on the list. The red progress indicator will let you know how far along syncing is.

Readability for iOS, Reading List Pull to Refresh


If you’re looking for a specific article, Readability has a robust search to help you find it. Pull down slightly on your list to reveal search, then tap inside of the input. Your list will filter as you begin typing.

Readability for iOS, Reading List Search

Managing Your Articles

There are a number of actions you can take on your saved articles. You can Recommend, favorite, archive or delete any article from your list. The actions are available by swiping an article to the left.

Readability for iOS, Reading List manage article

Batch Editing

You can favorite, archive, and delete multiple articles at once by tapping “Edit” in the title bar. This will put you in “Edit” mode. From here, tap the articles you want to favorite, archive, or delete and choose the appropriate action at the bottom of the screen.

Readability for iOS, Reading List batch editing

The Reading View

Welcome to distraction-free reading. The reading view has been meticulously designed to be as comfortable to read as possible. When you’re ready to return to your Reading List, swipe from the left edge towards the right:

Readability for iOS, Reading View

You can bring up article controls by double-tapping or swiping to the left. The controls will be revealed on the right of the reading view. The controls allow you to Recommend, share, favorite, archive, and delete the article. Access the style settings by tapping the “Aa” icon.

Readability for iOS, Reading View controls

Customizing Readability

You can change the font style, text size and light/dark background through the style menu. The settings you choose will be applied across the entire app.

Readability for iOS, Reading view customization

Making Recommendations

When you read an article you think is great, let your followers know by recommending it. To recommend, tap the megaphone icon in the article controls. That will bring up a preview of the article and an area for you to write a short message about what you thought about the article. You can also choose to automatically post your Recommendation to Twitter and/or Facebook.

Readability for iOS, Reading view Recommend

Share What You’re Reading

You can share any article to Facebook, Twitter, or through email by tapping the share icon in the article controls. Readability will use any Facebook or Twitter accounts you have stored in iOS. You can also copy a link to the article by tapping the chain link icon.

Readability for iOS, Reading view Sharing options

We hope you enjoy Readability for iPhone as much as we do. We’re always looking to improve the Readability experience. If you have any questions, suggestions, or just want to say “hello”, we’d love to hear from you. Email us at You can also visit for answers to common questions.

Thanks for reading