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Top Reads Tuesday — Remembering Aaron Swartz

On January 11, Aaron Swartz, a brilliant young programmer and activist, committed suicide while facing federal trial for downloading JSTOR documents using a laptop he snuck into a utility closet on MIT’s campus. Four articles about the tragedy, and the case surrounding it, have landed on Top Reads, our constantly updated snapshot of what’s popular on Readability: RIP, [...]

Create Better Instruction Manuals With Readlists

When purchasing a new appliance or device, the first thing most of us do is read the instructions. Take the AeroPress, a nifty coffee brewing device, for instance. Its instructions are simple, and that’s part of its charm, but if you do some research online, you’ll find they’re only the beginning. After experimenting and developing [...]

Readlists Makes it Easy to Collaborate

Recently, Craig Mod wrote a very popular blog post about simple tools and systems for digital publishing in the time of tablets. Aaron Lammer of Longform decided to pull together a readlist, where he linked to Craig’s essay and included some useful supporting material. When he shared it on Twitter, he used Readlists’ public edit link option, letting [...]

Top Reads Tuesday — Variety Pack

It’s been a fun week in Top Reads. With the U.S. elections over, and the bulk of the Fall tech announcements out of the way, we’re seeing a full spread of interesting topics bubbling up every day. Here are the most popular articles on Readability right now: New York Magazine explores the changes that pot growers [...]

Columbia Journalism Review and Readlists

The Columbia Journalism Review covers journalism, the media, and the stories behind the news with great skill and experience. For their Swing States Project, they hired reporters to monitor local political coverage in battleground states during the 2012 US elections. With the election finally over, they’ve packaged up the best of the Darts & Laurels coverage that resulted into a [...]

A Look at Tagging Trends So Far

Late last week we introduced tagging—our most requested feature—to, and users have been busy organizing their reading lists ever since. Over 20,000 tags have already been applied to articles in Readability. We wanted to share a quick look at the data we’re seeing so far. First up, the top ten most tagged articles on Readability (including [...]

Embedded Readlists Make a Great Link Blog

Readlists are made to be embeddable, so you can share what you find right from your own site. Rob Boone, who runs the blog Sssimpli, has started using Readlists to present his weekly roundup of the best tech-related writing on the Web. He calls it Sssimpli Links. “Whatever your preferred method of reading, Readlists accommodates it, [...]

Top Reads Tuesday – Spy vs Spy

Every other Tuesday, we highlight content that’s trending on Top Reads, our live snapshot of what’s popular on the Readability platform. Ben Affleck’s third film, Argo, walks the line between thrilling escape and political intrigue, with some Hollywood critique thrown in for good measure. Best of all, it’s based on a true—and recently declassified—story. Our [...]

The Morning News and Readlists

The Morning News is an online magazine that’s been publishing essays filled with wit and insight for over a decade. They’re no strangers to creating and sharing great content on the web, and there’s no shortage of high quality content in their archives just waiting to be discovered and read. In June, they started the [...]

Top Reads Tuesday – The New Top Reads

Back in July, we launched Top Reads, our constantly updated snapshot of what’s popular on the Readability platform. Today, we’re proud to announce a new version of Top Reads that brings its design on level with its data. With the help of our team’s clever code, we’re automatically surfacing the pieces Readability users are engaging with the most. And the [...]