The web's reading platform. A Birds-Eye View Into What Everyone is Reading

Thousands of times every minute, somebody uses Readability to have a better reading experience. Nearly five million people do it every month. We expect that activity to ramp up even further thanks to the hundreds of apps connected to our network.

Every single major publisher on earth has readers who find that content more engaging when delivered through our platform. And we’re the first service in history to be able to deliver that content consistently across a vast array of apps on nearly every device in use today.

From the outset, we wanted to put energy towards finding patterns and trends in all that activity that would be truly valuable to everyone. We didn’t want just another “trending” list. We knew that the reading view represented a greater commitment to shut the world out and focus on reading something—an incredible valuable behavior to pay attention to.

Today, we’re introducing a new, more sophisticated version of Top Reads. We’ve completely redesigned the experience and made the intelligence behind it even more compelling. It’s an incredibly powerful way to discover great content that’s worth your time. Just visit to get a birds-eye view of what people are reading on the web.

Screenshot of the redesigned Top Reads in Chrome, and Top Reads on iPad

If you’re not a fan of constantly visiting the same web page, just follow @topreads on Twitter. It’ll tweet out articles as soon as they heat up on the Readability service. iOS users can access Top Reads at any time right inside the Readability iOS app.

In the near future, we’ve got big plans to mine even more gold from all the amazing activity happening on Readability every minute of every day. We’re the only reading platform and network that has that insight— and we look forward to sharing more of it.

Happy reading!

Rich Ziade is a founding partner and CEO of Readability. You can reach Rich at or follow him on Twitter.

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  1. Why are you interested in these other apps? Are they better than Readability?

  2. Good. But I think a lot of people currently (ASAP) needs implement to Readibility tags for iOS! Lots colleagues used Pocket because they can sort articles by tags.