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Introducing: The New Readability for Chrome and Tags in iOS

Today, we’re excited to announce two big releases; the fastest, most feature-rich version of the Readability extension for Google Chrome and Readability 1.2.5 for iOS

The New Chrome Extension

With this version, our highest priority was to make drastic improvements to the existing features. Read Now, Read Later, and Send to Kindle have all been reworked to be faster, more responsive, and more dependable. Our second priority was to introduce a select number of new features to make reading with Readability even easier.

Screenshot of the Readability extension for Google Chrome


We’ve made it easier than ever to keep your Reading List organized. Each time you bookmark an article for Reading Later you will have the option to add tags.

Context Menu Items

Want to quickly bookmark a handful of articles for Reading Later? Now you can just right-click on any link and select Read Later. You can also Send a page or a link to your Kindle, Read Now in a New Tab or Window, or quickly jump to your Reading List from the context menu.


You can now log into your Readability account directly from the extension. No more being taken to a new page to log in if you Read Later on an article and are not logged in; the extension will bring the login form to you. Even better, the extension will remember what you were doing and complete that action once you’ve logged in.

Improved Speed

This thing is fast. Really fast. We’ve built a robust, dedicated server-side component whose #1 priority is to handle requests from the extension and to do so without you noticing.


When you click a button or press a key, you expect something to happen. We’ve re-imagined how the extension communicates with you to make it crystal clear what’s happening each step of the way. In the event that something goes wrong, the extension will make you aware of the issue and give you options for what you can do.


In previous versions of the extension you’ve had the option to set custom keyboard shortcuts. We’ve kept that in place and we now offer a couple of other customizations. You can now choose between two different icons styles; red or grey and if you don’t plan on adding tags, you can turn off the tag prompt after a Read Later. We’ve also made the options easier to find; just click the gear icon at the bottom of the extension.

Head over to the Chrome Web Store to install The New Readability for Chrome, you’re going to love it.

A note to our Firefox, Safari, and Opera users: We haven’t forgotten about you! We’ll be bringing all of these new features and improvements to you soon.

Tags and Improved Sharing in Readability 1.2.5 for iOS

The newest release of our award-winning app puts a handful of oft-requested features and improvements into your hands making it an ever-more indispensable tool for reading the web in comfort.


We’ve brought the organizational power of tags to the App. Tags that you’ve added to articles on the web site or through the new Chrome Extension will now be available for you to filter your Reading List.

Native Twitter and Facebook sharing

We’ve made sharing what you’re reading easier than ever. Readability will now recognize and use any Twitter or Facebook accounts that are stored in your device settings.

More fixes and improvements

Along with exciting new features, we’ve also made a number of bug fixes and improvements. Including; full Accessibility and VoiceOver support and fixes to article syncing.

Readability 1.2.5 for iOS is available in the App Store.

These releases are another example of the high quality work that we’ll continue to provide, making reading on the web an easier and more enjoyable experience.

Thanks for reading

Tyler is the Product & Design Lead of Readability. You can reach him at or follow him on Twitter.

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  1. I hope the Safari extension is updated soon.
    I hope the iOS app syncs better and faster.

    I hope someone out there loves me =\

  2. These updates, I like them.

  3. Hope the next version brings adding tags to iOS.

  4. Great! Waiting for tags editing in iOS app.

  5. You should add tagging capabilities to the iOS apps. From my point of view tagging of an article is best done AFTER reading it.

  6. You should include tagging capabilities to the iOS apps, as tagging only makes sense AFTER reading an article.

  7. Really impressed with the update to the chrome extension. Well done guys!

  8. PLS Add tags to iOS!!!!

  9. How do I remove “context menu” in Chrome?

    Similiar,y how do I remove the “Send to Kindle” options?

  10. Waiting for tags editing in iOS app…

  11. @zhu We’re going to add an option to disable the context menu items in a future release.

    At this time we don’t have plans to add customization of the main actions including removal of the Send to Kindle option.

  12. Syncing is still very broken in the iOS app – old articles that I archived or deleted continually reappear in my reading list, requiring a full redownload to sort out (until it happens again).

    Also echo the desire for tag editing within the iOS app.

  13. Please, can you guys provide a javascript to add tags in the bottom read later of my safari browser for ipad? I’m really missing options to add tags in the iOS app.
    Thanks, love readability.