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Readlists Makes it Easy to Collaborate

Recently, Craig Mod wrote a very popular blog post about simple tools and systems for digital publishing in the time of tablets. Aaron Lammer of Longform decided to pull together a readlist, where he linked to Craig’s essay and included some useful supporting material. When he shared it on Twitter, he used Readlists’ public edit link option, letting others add their own links to the list as they found them. It’s exactly the kind of collaboration that Readlists makes super easy.

Here’s How You Can Start Collaborating

Collaborating on a readlist is dead simple. Readlists provides two URLs on every list. One is a direct link you can email and share however you like. The other is a “public edit link”. That’s where the magic happens.

When you click the public edit link, a little window with a special link will appear. Share that link, and you’re giving anyone who clicks it the ability to edit and build onto your readlist. (Remember that anyone who has that link can edit your readlist any way they want.)

Sharing a Public edit link is a great way to work with others, and we’re thrilled to see all the inventive lists our users have been building and sharing. Sign in with your Readability account and get started collaborating on your own readlists today.

Dave was the former Community Manager at Readability. You can keep up with his latest adventures on Twitter.

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