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Tagging Comes to Readability

Since day one, Readability users have requested tagging more than any other feature, hands down. And today we’re making it happen.

Content, Meet Tags 

Tagging is now baked into your web-based reading list and saved articles, so you can organize and navigate content the way you want, when you want. Our new tagging functionality sports the kind of fast, intuitive interface you’ve come to expect from Readability.

When you log into Readability on the web you’ll find all your tags displayed in the reading list sidebar, where you can click to instantly filter your reading list or quickly delete tags you’re finished using. We keep things tidy by showing your 10 most-used tags by default, but you can expand it to see your full list. We’ll remember to leave it open when you come back (or log into your account from another computer).

On top of that, we’ve got all the features you’ve come to expect from tagging, including a smart autcomplete based on your existing tags. And yes, spaces and special characters are okay!

We’ll also be rolling out full support for tagging in our API shortly, giving the thousands of developers who’ve already plugged into the Readability platform access to even more powerful tools.

The Best Reading Platform is Growing

Readability’s goal is simple: build the best reading platform anywhere, period. We’re making that happen by building even more tools to help our users read, curate, share, and organize their content, and making our best-in-class parsing engine and API even smarter every single day.

Sign up for your free account and get tagging!

David is the founder and principal of Stuntbox, LLC and former Readability Product Lead. You can follow him on Twitter.

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  1. Yes, finally! Hope it makes it’s way unto the iOS apps soon.

  2. This is such great news! Thank you for implementing this feature. It makes a great service even greater. Not to sound ungrateful, but when will this be rolled out to the iPad/iPhone app? Thank you again.

  3. I’ll be a pest today. After writing my first post, I went through the site and noticed that you have marked folders/tagging as completed. It’s only partially completed. I won’t speak for everyone else but I almost never use the website for reading. I use the iPhone/iPad app. Until the app has the ability to tag, or at the very least the ability to recognize the tags from the website, this is certainly not completed.

  4. @Doug: We hear you. (And we want this too!) We’re watching the usage data stream in and figuring out the best way to do this first. When a launch date hits the calendar, we’ll let everyone know.

  5. +1 for tagging on iOS.

    By the way, the latest update to Readability app (1.2.3) is very buggy on my iPad 3 with iOS 5.1. It quits unexpectedly very often. Moreover the web browser and the Top reads page are a bit stuttering. Please, more speed improvements! Thank you.

  6. Awsome ! Thank you

  7. Well done. Apps too, please!

  8. I have not been able to save any tags using firefox or chrome. Anyone else having the same problem?

  9. @Mike: Sorry to hear that. I’ve forwarded your comment along to our support team. They should get you get up and running shortly. Keep your eyes peeled for an email from us!

    (FYI, we’ve tested it extensively in both those browsers, so it should definitely work!)

  10. Usage data collected when tags can’t be used on the app yet probably isn’t going to give you a very accurate idea. I rarely ever use the Readability on the website.

  11. One’s tags are visible only to him or her. This should change. Also I should be able to rename my tags.

  12. Nice.
    But I still want categories… :(

  13. Hi,

    Cool new feature! Keep up the good work!

    Any estimate for this feature to arrive in the API? I would like to add this feature to the Read Better app for Windows Phone (


    Mark Monster

  14. It would be great if the browser extensions allowed you to add tags right when you save the article to your reading list.

  15. Categories would be nice too, indeed!
    And yes, we really need these features on mobile apps!

  16. What’s the difference between tags and categories?

  17. Yay! Readability gets better and better!

  18. I second hp., it would be very handy to add tags right when you are saving the article.

    Besides, it also would be very convenient if we could tag articles right from the reading list, without actually opening article.

    Thank you.

  19. We like tags because of the amount of metadata you can assign articles. With multiple tags per article you have a lot of control over the way you organize and browse your Reading List and Archives. With that said, you can also tag articles with categories you come up with—tech, politics, art, etc. In that way, tags can be used like categories.

    @Mark, We plan to roll tagging out to the API soon. We’ll announce it when we do.

    @Mike, If you’re still experiencing that issue, drop us a line at We’d be glad to help.

    As far as the other suggestions go, we’ll definitely keep them in mind as we work on improving Readability. Thanks!

  20. Wow I remember championing for tagging for months in forums but with no progress. It was the number one feature needed (as Readability noted above). Eventually I gave up and now use Kippt. I happened to login and saw that you now have tagging. That is massive and have no idea why this wasn’t made a bigger deal. By email, or notifying people who actively commented on threads regarding tagging or why this didn’t trend on Hacker News. Assuming I can tag via a chrome extension as I can with Kippt I might switch back.

  21. The bookmarklet and extensions should supports this at the time of saving the bookmarked. After the fact is nice, but the obvious use case for using this new functionally is clearly is when you are creating the bookmark. I can only assume this is not there yet as the API needs to be completed first.

    Any confirmation on this would be awesome! Thanks, and I love the service.

  22. @michael – In case you haven’t seen it, we’ve added tagging support to the Chrome extension We’ll be updating the Safari, Firefox, and Opera add-ons in the near-future.