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New Grid View for iPad and iPad mini

Today we’re adding a great new viewing option for Top Reads and Longform content on your iPad and iPad mini. It’s called Grid View.

Grid View gives readers a more inviting, visual way to discover new content in Readability, and it’s the perfect complement to our redesigned Top Reads website. So now you have two great new ways to check out the latest snapshot of what the entire Web is reading.

Under the hood, it’s powered by the same smart layout engine our partners at Teehan+Lax built for their own TweetMag app. We’ve taken the best of what they learned and married it to the great content our users are discovering and enjoying with Readability every day.

You can grab the latest version of Readability for iOS, featuring Grid View, in the App Store now.

David is the founder and principal of Stuntbox, LLC and former Readability Product Lead. You can follow him on Twitter.

5 Responses »

  1. Does that mean TweetMag is dead?

  2. Nice. Any reason why the grid view hasn’t been implemented in the article list view too?

  3. @Rob – we wanted to take it step-by-step and see how it feels first.

  4. @Raymond: Teehan+Lax doesn’t have any plans to update TweetMag, but we collaborate with them very closely on our platform apps and are integrating some of its best layout bits into Readability.