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Columbia Journalism Review and Readlists

The Swing States Project

The Columbia Journalism Review covers journalism, the media, and the stories behind the news with great skill and experience. For their Swing States Project, they hired reporters to monitor local political coverage in battleground states during the 2012 US elections. With the election finally over, they’ve packaged up the best of the Darts & Laurels coverage that resulted into a handy readlist.

On their quest to help local press counteract misinformation and the impact of dark money in the election, CJR‘s reporters read and analysed a lot of articles, running the gamut from lackluster to laudable. The articles on either side of the spectrum were singled out as darts and laurels, respectively.

“Taken individually, each dart or laurel clarifies a critical issue that appeared on the campaign trail, and reviews one or two efforts to cover it. But together, they provide a more comprehensive look at the performance of the campaign press through the elections,” said CJR’s Communications Manager, Brendan Fitzgerald, when we caught up with him earlier this week. Compiling them together into a readlist created a free, downloadable anthology readers can export directly to their favorite reading devices.

We recommend you check it out—it’s a fascinating read. And if you’re still pining for more political reads after that, enjoy this readlist by Manik Rathee, a front-end developer who worked on the Obama campaign, about the role of technology in the President’s recent reelection bid.

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