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A Look at Tagging Trends So Far

Late last week we introduced tagging—our most requested feature—to, and users have been busy organizing their reading lists ever since. Over 20,000 tags have already been applied to articles in Readability. We wanted to share a quick look at the data we’re seeing so far.

First up, the top ten most tagged articles on Readability (including their tags):

And here are the top ten tags on Readability overall so far:

  1. politics
  2. design
  3. tech
  4. apple
  5. science
  6. music
  7. business
  8. technology
  9. health
  10. news

As time goes on, we’ll have a lot more data to work with and explore. We’ll be sharing insights and interesting trends we find along the way. In the meantime, keep tagging!

Dave was the former Community Manager at Readability. You can keep up with his latest adventures on Twitter.

2 Responses »

  1. Thank you for adding tags to the website. However, this is useless to me. I almost never read an article on the website. What’s the point? I have read later apps on my iPad so I can, read later and not on my computer. I love the feel and layout of the IOS Readability app but I can’t and won’t switch over to using it like I want until tags are built into the IOS app. And by that I mean, the app recognizes tags and allows me to create and change tags. And I can sort on tags and designate which tags to show.

  2. Tagging is a great move and I hope there is more to come.

    I too would like tagging to be implemented into iphone app, and also into the chrome web extension so you can tag while marking it for read it later.