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Embedded Readlists Make a Great Link Blog

Readlists are made to be embeddable, so you can share what you find right from your own site. Rob Boone, who runs the blog Sssimpli, has started using Readlists to present his weekly roundup of the best tech-related writing on the Web. He calls it Sssimpli Links. Sssimpli

“Whatever your preferred method of reading, Readlists accommodates it, so whether you read it via the links or export it to your device, it feels personal, since the reader has made a decision regarding how to absorb the material,” Boone said when we caught up with him earlier this week. Giving readers control over their reading experience is important to Boone. To him, exporting as an ebook is a more personal, immersive experience. “It’s the difference between jamming to a good song on the radio or putting on your headphones, closing your eyes, and losing yourself in the experience of the song.”

In addition to user choice, Boone prefers Readlists for its ease of use. “As a publisher, it’s simply a time-saver. It’s much easier to throw my selected links into Readlists and embed it than to throw together the HTML, or even to put it in Markdown format,” giving him more time to focus on the content.

The result has been a 300% increase in Sssimpli’s traffic since launching the Readlists-driven feature. Sssimpli Links are updated every week. Head on over and check it out—and read them any way you like with the help of Readlists.

Dave was the former Community Manager at Readability. You can keep up with his latest adventures on Twitter.

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