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Today we’re excited to announce the latest version of Readability for iOS. Version 1.1 may be a point release, but it packs a serious punch.

Top Reads and Longform Picks

We love finding new ways to help you discover killer content with real substance. With version 1.1, we’ve integrated two right into the app. Tap the main Reading List menu and you’ll get instant access to the new Top Reads feature, as well as featured picks from Longform.

The editorial team at Longform has already established a reputation for selecting some of the very best long form content on the Web. With this feature, we’re putting them to work for you right in the app.

And with Top Reads, we’re automatically surfacing the pieces Readability users are engaging with the most from across our entire platform. The team has done a lot of work under the hood to ensure Top Reads are pieces users are really committing to, not just whizzing by. The average time spent on a Top Reads piece is over 4 minutes, virtually unheard of in most online content circles. It’s engagement that goes beyond the pageview.

Innovative UI Tweaks

Version 1.1 for iOS introduces an elegant new pagination model: double-tap to scroll. Double-tapping within an article now scrolls it to your selection point automatically. It’s super simple and a delight to use. Also, handy time-to-read counts have been integrated throughout the app to help you select the next piece to dive into.

Performance, Performance, Performance

Version 1.1 is fast. Syncing is up to 8 times faster than before, depending on your flavor of iOS device. Our developers took advantage of the latest iOS software and hardware improvements to squeeze every drop of performance out of this release.

Getting it Right

We’re proud of the thought and care that goes into our products, and this release is no exception. A special thanks goes out to our partners at Teehan+Lax, who helped us pull together a truly rock-solid release for you. Enjoy, and if you have any thoughts or requests, please be sure to let us know!

David is the founder and principal of Stuntbox, LLC and former Readability Product Lead. You can follow him on Twitter.

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