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Create Mixtapes for Reading with Readlists

As we continue to get flooded with all sorts of stuff on the web, we’ve come to value the effort people put into sifting through, collecting and grouping together links that are worthwhile. Seasoned curators like Maria Popova of Brain Pickings, Jason Kottke and the Longform site and iPad app have made discovering stuff so much easier by doing the work of finding and elevating the absolute best of the web.

Today, in collaboration with the Arc90 Lab, we’re launching a tool that will make it easier for anyone to do that work. Introducing Readlists.

Readlists home page

What’s Readlists, you ask? Here’s the back-of-the-box description:

A Readlist is a mixtape for reading.

You take a group of links — articles, recipes, course materials, whatever — and Readlists bundles them into an e-book and send directly to your Kindle, iPad, or iPhone. Every Readlist is shareable on the web. You can even embed Readlists into your own blog or site, the same way you would a Youtube video.

With a Readability account, you can manage the Readlists that you create and keep a catalog for sharing with others. You can even share an edit URL so others can contribute to your list without any overhead.

The Readlists home page already features some great collections of articles from well-known writers like Anil Dash and Jeffrey Zeldman. We’ll be featuring various Readlists over time.

Above all else, Readlists is a tool for anyone. If you’re passionate about a particular topic or want an easier way to collect and share bundles of links, Readlists is designed to make your life easier. You’ll find an excellent primer on getting started with Readlists over on the Arc90 Lab.

Follow Readlists on Twitter to keep up on any news or updates. We hope you enjoy this powerful new tool for helping people collect and share links on the web.

Rich Ziade is a founding partner and CEO of Readability. You can reach Rich at or follow him on Twitter.

6 Responses »

  1. Sounds wonderful….will try now.

  2. Awesome! Can we make reading lists on the Readability iPad app?

  3. Great idea; it’s something I needed so badly for some time

  4. Can you send items on a readlist to Instapaper or Pocket or share them on Social media?

  5. Yeah Readlists/Readability integration would be awesome, to be able to organize your existing Readability articles into lists is a feature definitely needed.

  6. Ditto @Alan’s idea, to have access or an option button to sort existing readability articles to a specific readlist.