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Robots Rejoice: Readability for Android is Here!

TL;DR: Readability for Android is live. Go get it!

As we’ve evolved from being crouched over our laptops to carrying full-fledged computers in our pockets, the reading experience has become increasingly mobile and flexible. We want to be a able to read — comfortably — whenever and wherever we are.
Readability for AndroidYou can’t talk about mobile without recognizing the rise of the Android platform. We’re proud to announce the availability of Readability for Android devices and tablets. It’s a free Android app that scales beautifully to the Android device of your choice, large or small. It sports the same elegant get-out-of-the-way interface and gorgeous H&FJ typography that made Readability for iOS such a big hit.

It’s a free app built in partnership with our friends at Teehan+Lax. it’s exclusively available in the U.S. on the Amazon App Store. If you’re outside the U.S., you can get Readability on Google Play (formerly the Android Market).

Update: Readability is now available on Google Play in the U.S. and around to world. You can still also download on the Amazon App Store.

Rich Ziade is a founding partner and CEO of Readability. You can reach Rich at or follow him on Twitter.

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  1. Phew, read that a little too quickly and went for the Google Play Store only to find the message “not available in your country”. Do you have a timeline of when you’ll have it available on GPS?


  2. Why would you promote your brand new app by putting it exclusively on a second-rate app store?

    Google Play > Amazon App Store

    This is not the way to compete with Read-It-Later.

  3. Great app. But its really disappointing that the app has no android 4.0 style…

  4. Hey all, we’re really excited to be featured on the Amazon store. We’ll be on Google Play at some point, so it’s up to you whether to wait or not.

    As far as features and requests: this isn’t the place for those. Please add your ideas and suggestions at

    For all support questions, start at

    Thanks so much. We hope you love the app and love reading with Readability.

    Max Fenton
    Readability Community Support

  5. Guys, really great job! One of the most beautiful Android Apps I’ve ever seen/used.
    Hopefully now I will be able to read all those archived articles :)

  6. You’re wrong to be excited to be on Amazon’s App Store.

    I know you’re new to this Android thing, but the overwhelming general consensus is that Google Play (nee “Market”) is strongly preferred by anyone not owning a Kindle Fire.

  7. I’m trying to download the app via Amazon App Store and nothing. I put my e-mail address and the form doesn’t work.

    When will be available in Google Play? Looking forward to use.

  8. Thank you for delivering this awesome app!

  9. We’re stoked about the Kindle Fire, Stephen.

  10. You’re going to miss out most of the US Android owners by only being available on the Amazon Appstore. I understand that Readability and Amazon are buds but this is generating meaningless and easily-avoidable fragmentation.

    I was really looking forward to using this app as a huge fan of Readability, but I don’t want to use a secondary appstore, with a smaller selection, less frequent updates and poor design.


  11. I get that the Kindle Fire is exciting, but at the moment that’s not where the majority of potential users are and there’s no reason why you couldn’t put it on Google Play simultaneously. Which of course you did, but only for international users. Which doesn’t make sense.

    Is Amazon paying you off financially or through free promotion in exchange for the exclusive launch?

  12. Nice to see, but noticed two issues so far: can’t see ‘send to kindle’ button and … can’t exit app (Galaxy S). Using ‘back’ button is just causing app to run in the background.

  13. Not making this immediately available on Google Play was a mistake.

  14. Thanks for all the feedback.

    This week, the Readability app is available only on the Amazon appstore for users in the U.S.

    For those outside the U.S. there is an alternate link at

  15. Exclusively available in the US via Amazon’s appstore, yet Amazon’s appstore won’t let me download it. Great.

  16. I have to agree with many of the other comments. After looking forward to this app then finding out it’s only available through the Amazon store (at least for now) was a bit of a disappointment. I don’t own a Kindle Fire, and I’m not going to install the Amazon App Store on my phone for one app.

    But on the bright side I can look forward to when it eventually shows up on the Google Play store.

  17. When clicking the “Back” button in the Article Listing Page not “Exit” the app but run in background. Can it be Exit the app straight away?

    I would suggest to support Android “Menu” button as well.

  18. Support reading from right to left please, there is alot of Arabic and other languages isers missing this…

    Check out this idea

  19. It looks nice, but lacks a couple of things that Instapaper has – page scrolling and sharing to other services like Evernote. I hope these are on the horizon, like selecting text.

  20. The app looks pretty. it functions and looks very non standard for Android users. I implore the development team to take this post to heart:

    Especially sad is the appearance of a back button and the lack of using intents to share between apps, as these are just extra unnecessary work. The settings page maybe okay depending on how it was done, but its still preferable to use the standard preference activity and let the version. of Android handle making it match the users expectations.

    Really great work and I’m glad to see this application on Android, but please take this post into serious consideration.

  21. Readability on Android 2.3.5 seems to be unstable. It often quits and then restarts automatically. Also, the reading area seems to waste precious margin space.
    And why does Readability keep running in the background and downloading multimedia even when I am not using it? The notification area is constantly kept abuzz with Readability.
    The product, otherwise, works very well.

  22. Deepanjan: it needs to run in the background to check your subscriptions, and downloads them to cache them so they’re ready when you want them. There probably should be an option to turn this off (and generally in Android this is done through settings -> accounts -> sync -> off)

  23. We’ve heard that from a bunch of users and we’ll definitely look into adding it in an update. For the moment, can you vote up the idea of Sync options at


  24. Thanks for post and the settings page maybe okay depending on how it was done, but its still preferable to use the standard preference activity and let the version.

  25. Awesome. Awesome. Awesome.

    Readability is slowly (but surely) getting into my Android “must-have” apps list.

  26. Agree with James about the design of the app. A lot of strange design/usability decisions.

  27. Love this on Android, but I have a font issue on my HD2 Nexus, I can’t read vietnamese article (UTF-8 encoding). However, it work on my Ipad 2 and Galaxy Tab 8.9 for these vietnamese articles. Strange?

  28. Can you please make it so the menu button brings up the menu? Most of us still have a menu button and like to use it.

  29. Our first update was released yesterday with a number of improvements. Check it out.