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Readability + Pulse

Today we’re announcing a partnership with one of the most popular news-reading apps out there: Pulse. Pulse transforms your favorite websites into a colorful, interactive mosaic and has led the way on iOS and Android since the day it launched. We’re thrilled to be working with their fantastic team to bring the full power of Readability to the Pulse experience.

So, starting now,  you can add your Readability Reading List to your Pulse page:

It’s a simple way to catch up on your queue without having to leave the Pulse app. And once you’ve added Readability, starring an article inside Pulse will automatically add it to your Readability Reading List. Now you can scan the best content on the web and save interesting stuff for later, all in one place. Finally, as part of our collaboration, Pulse has adopted Readability’s world-class parser to enhance the reading experience for all of their millions of users.

Making our reading lists available wherever people read is just one of the ways we’re transforming Readability from a service to a platform. We relish the chance to work with incredible teams like the one behind Pulse, so if you’re doing interesting things that could benefit from an integrated reading list or a top-notch parser, get in touch. And keep posted for lots of big announcements to come.

Pulse is free and available on the iPhone, iPad and Android.

Rich Ziade is a founding partner and CEO of Readability. You can reach Rich at or follow him on Twitter.

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  1. This is awesome! I don’t use Pulse, myself, but I’ve heard a lot of good things about it (and rants about how slick an app it is). I’m thrilled to hear that Readability is spreading the good word! And now I have a decent excuse to give Pulse a more substantive test run.

  2. Wow, this is really great news. I’ve been wondering how to bridge this divide on my Kindle Fire. You guys solved it!

    Now if Pulse would just provide some way to download an Article’s images in the ‘background’ for offline viewing, we’d be in business!

  3. Pulse doesn’t work as smoothly as Reeder.

  4. This is perfect! I’m a Pulse user, these are such great news!

  5. Rich – Thank you and the team at Pulse for this integration! The ability to have access the Reading List on a pleasing iPhone app is a huge win for Readability.

  6. It is very good news, but I’m kind of unhappy. I have some pages I need to zoom out to see clearly and easily but I cant, so I constantly have to scroll left to right left to right, so it defeats the usefulness of readability

  7. Wonder if this changes anything regarding the Readability app for iPad ?

  8. Does it mean that when reading a Google Reader article I can switch to the Readability view on the fly (as NewsRob already allows)? If so then I’ll try it. :)

  9. That’s great to see Readability more and more implemented. I am just waiting to have Zite the same support. Any update on this?

  10. @Joseph – Nothing yet. We’d love to see it inside of Zite.

  11. Is this the iOS app? Or is that still coming at some point in the future?

  12. @TwiceNightly No. Our flagship iOS apps are still in Apple’s hands and we’re hoping they’ll be approved soon.

  13. Super! I just found out about this tool (through my Pulse email) and was ecstatic to learn that it supports both Firefox and Chrome.

    Although, I am a little disappointed to learn that there isn’t a dedicated Android app? iOS support is great and all… but, there are more Android handsets out there!

  14. I don’t need iOS app. The web-app is really good even offline mode. Doesn’t matters at Android or iOS device. You only need HTML5 browser support.

  15. I would love to see this for Flipboard

  16. Great to see all the comments there! To answer a couple of questions…

    @Rob: thanks for mentioning the bit about image caching! It helps to hear what the users want and we can put this on the table with some more weight.

    @Eric: You can adjust the font size in settings. Feel free to message me at karen(at)pulse(me) if there are other issues.

  17. Pulse won’t update my reading list. Any suggestions? Tried logging out and back in and still no luck. Thanks!

  18. Hello
    Can you please let us know why the iPad version is taking too long?


  19. Any likelihood of a Windows Mobile version?

  20. I’ve deleted some articles from my Readability reading list but they’re still in the Pulse app. How do I sync it so it deletes within the app too?

  21. Readability is fabulous! Would LOVE to see it in Flipboard & Zite, pleeeeeese :)

  22. Please add support for zite, the only reason I have to use read it later is coz I love zite n combine it with read it later even though I do not like to use read it later . I prefer yours much better service on lots of parameters

  23. Amit,
    That’s up to Zite, but you can definitely send links to Readability by email ( and let Zite know you’d like to see Readability built in. We sure would!

  24. I am just waiting to have Zite the same support. Any update on this?

  25. Anybody knows how to add readability in my pulse app in wp7;

  26. Where’s the Windows Phone support???