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Reading Needs a Platform: Introducing the New Readability

We’ve been fairly quiet for the last few months here at Readability HQ, and for good reason: today we’re unveiling an expansion of our service that is going to change the way you read the web.

Wherever you read — your browser, iPhone, iPad, your Amazon Kindle — Readability is going to be there. For free.

Yes, Free

With this release, Readability is available at no cost. Sign-up and you’ll have your own profile and reading list in no time. Both Readability accounts and our companion apps will always be completely free, but we also offer a premium experience for users who want additional features and an easy way to support their favorite writers and publishers.

iOS, Here We Come!

Readability is on its way to the iTunes App Store. Our new apps for the iPhone and iPad are free and undeniably beautiful. We’ve partnered with the design wizards at Teehan+Lax to deliver a simple, elegant experience featuring gorgeous typography from some of the best in type: Hoefler & Frere-Jones. There’s never been a better way to read the web on iOS. Readability for iOS is submitted and awaiting approval from Apple.

A New Web Mobile Experience

From day one we’ve been committed to delivering the full Readability experience on the rich mobile web. We’ve completely revamped Readability to work beautifully within the web browser on smartphones and tablets. Built from the ground up as a rich HTML5 web application, web mobile Readability brings many of the conveniences of native apps to your smartphone’s browser, including complete offline support.

A reading platform

We’ve always seen Readability as more than just a tool or an app. Wherever you’re finding, reading, and sharing great writing, we want Readability to be by your side. So, in addition to the free tools we’ve made available to writers and publishers, we’re opening the entire Readability feature set — including our world-class parser — to anyone interested in innovating around the reading experience. Our goal is to enable publishers and developers to enrich their own services and apps with Readability.

Today, that means your Readability list is available within incredible apps like Reeder and TweetMag — and that’s just the beginning. Expect major announcements in the near future about new partnerships and apps joining the Readability family. Check back here or follow us on Twitter to get the latest updates.

We believe there has never been a better time to be a reader, and we’re excited to be part of the revolution around the written word on the web.

Happy reading!

Rich Ziade is a founding partner and CEO of Readability. You can reach Rich at or follow him on Twitter.

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  1. Great!

    Can’t wait to see the new app!!

  2. Really looking forward to this. Thank you! Keep up the great work.

  3. Nice! Been waiting for this, can’t wait to try the app :)

  4. Congrats to the whole team! Will be incredibly exciting to see so many more people get why Readability is great, especially since it’ll also have the best typography of any app anywhere.

  5. Does this support a way to read offline content so I can store articles for reading on the subway when I have no internet connection?

  6. Great news! I can’t wait for the iOS app.

  7. So what’s the difference between the free account and the premium account then?

  8. Hello,
    This is just awesome! Can’t wait to see these new iOS app. I am using current paid account, so hope it will get some new cool features too. Keep up the great work guys!

  9. Great news! I’m glad to hear you have more on the way.

    But can you talk a little more about the premium features you mentioned? Is the current system of paying to support the sites we read going to change or disappear?

  10. Matthew: Premium accounts receive a number of things, and it’s likely to grow. Currently, you have Kindle reading list digest support, as well as full access to your archives and non-limited access to your Reading List and Favorites (For free users, they’ll only see the first 30 articles in their list.) Not to mention supporting the writers you read on the web!

    David: Not to worry, supporting the sites you read is absolutely still the model.

    Thanks for the kind words! We’ve absolutely got a lot to say here. We’ll be posting a few follow up articles in the coming days regarding our thoughts on the new platform, where it fits into the web, and the free/premium balance.

  11. Great news! Can’t wait to see these new iOS app

  12. Excellent news! Really looking forward to it! :)
    Congratulations for the great work!

    Question already asked but can you share more info on premium features please?
    FYI, the link to your Twitter account is broken.

    Thank you!

  13. Great news. I just really hope you don’t regret going public before the iOS app gets approved after the problems last time around!

  14. Any word on an Android app?

  15. What does the native app provide that your already outstanding web app doesn’t? I am simply confused by the need for a native app when you have already spend so much time in producing a high quality web app and does this mean you will being to diminish support for your web app?

  16. @James King: I don’t lag anything from the webapp, but I do lag the integration in my android, so when I’m on a website, I can just press “Send” -> “Readability”, which the webapp is not capable of adding.

  17. Incredible. Just as I unsubscribed last week because of the lack of iOS integration and it not being worth the cost for me anymore, you guys address all my issues and more.

    Great work!

  18. Great news guys!

  19. How about creating a full-scale web browser that displays everything in Readability view by default? There’d be a button to turn pages back into the usual garbage, er, format, but the entire web would be served up Readability style. That’d be awesome.

  20. Great news, especially looking forward to the Readability iOS app.

  21. Any plans for an Android version?

  22. I’ve been waiting for you guys to reverse course for ages, and now i’m really happy you guys did!

  23. It’s really good news!!! I spend a lot of time reading every day and Readability totally improves my experience. Thank you!

  24. Congrats!

  25. It’s too bad that there’s no fully programmable e-ink devices available. I would pay $100 for an e-ink device that *only* was a fully-syncing WiFi client for Readability! The existing Kindle support is necessarily pretty weak, just barely useable, due to Amazon’s restrictions on Kindle Apps.

  26. Congratulations to Rich and the Arc90 team! Can’t wait to see the new Apps (hurry up!)– and just installed the Chrome extension, works great so far.

    Just a small ask– keep it light and elegant. I don’t want another Flipboard or a piece of eye candy. I want to use Readability to help me READ more.

  27. love the classy new video (is that Jen’s voiceover? :P)

    still waiting patiently for the ability to highlight/annotate/organize my articles, but i now understand that for the time being you have way more important things to do.

    team readability FTW!

  28. I still cannot find the Readability app on AppStore (search for “Readability”).
    Is there an expected date to Readability app is available?

  29. Yeah it is still not out yet. Still waiting for approval:(

  30. Can you please communicate with your users? As a developer who has gone through the app store submission process, I find it extremely difficult to believe (although not entirely impossible) that you’re app is still waiting for approval nearly a month after you submitted it.

    I am forced to assume the worst and believe that you guys got rejected again and are scrambling to make changes so that Apple will accept you. Can you PLEASE tell us whats going on???

  31. Gee, it sure would be nice to have that iOS app. Or, you know, at least some indication of what’s going on with it. Please don’t tell me you’re being douchebags about Apple’s 30% again?

  32. @Jeremy – I swear by God we are not douchebags.