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Competition and conflict may make for entertaining industry gossip, but reality is far less dramatic. Since last year, we’ve gotten to know Marco Arment, the creator of Instapaper and we both made a good faith effort to work together. As Marco said yesterday, none of the recent developments caught anyone by surprise. As recently as a couple of weeks ago we spoke about our respective ventures and where things are going.

It seems like anyone and everyone is becoming increasingly interested in this space. While things are getting more and more crowded, there’s no mistaking that Readability and Instapaper blazed the trail. From the tiny upstarts to Apple, we’re proud to share the distinction of setting off this important trend in reading with Instapaper. We have nothing but respect for Marco and his work.

It’s easy to get caught up in the industry chatter and lose sight of how early days this all is. We’re just starting to shape this landscape and one thing we’ve learned is that the terrain keeps shifting and morphing. Who knows, we may find ourselves crossing paths again.┬áNever say never.

Rich Ziade is a founding partner and CEO of Readability. You can reach Rich at or follow him on Twitter.

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