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Joining Forces With Teehan+Lax

Below is a guest post by Jon Lax, partner at Teehan+Lax. Speaking for the Readability team, we couldn’t be more excited about this announcement. Without stealing Jon’s thunder, I’ll just preface it by saying that since we met we’ve been impressed by their curiosity, imagination and desire to build great things. – Rich Ziade

Earlier this year we were working on an update for our iPad app TweetMag. We were having some issues with how the app was retrieving content. Since we were using Readability’s API we thought we would send them an email and see if they had any suggestions. They responded immediately and within 24 hours we had solved a major technical problem that had plagued us for months.

That initial support email led to them giving us some amazing support on TweetMag, which led to meeting at SXSW 2011, which led to conversations, which leads me to this blog post.

We are very excited to announce that we (teehan+lax) are partnering with Readability. Truth be told we’ve already been working together for several months on some upcoming Readability releases. We’re just now ready to talk about it.

Why did we do this?

1) When we worked together on TweetMag we just slipped into an effortless collaboration that felt right. This is when design is at its best. We were both passionate about making the product as good as it could be.

We have incredible mutual respect for what we each do, they respect our design/UX skills, and we are in awe of their technical skills. This lets us focus on what we are each great at and then focus it at a common goal.

2) When Rich began discussing his vision for Readability we had a lot of ideas of how we could help him realize it. Ultimately, thinking about how we interact with content online is such a fascinating problem to solve, we jumped at the chance to work on it.

What are we doing?

At a high level we’re designing new products and features for Readability. We’re also involved in the product roadmap and vision.

When can we see what you’ve been working on?

Soon and it is quite awesome.

What are the terms of your deal?

We believe so much in Readability we’ve invested both our time and our money in the company.

We just wanted to let everyone know that we are very excited with this venture. Not since Rush toured with Kiss have Canada and America come together in such an awesome way.

Jon Lax is co-founder and Partner at teehan+lax, a Toronto based digital experience company. Jon is responsible for the operational and strategic leadership of the company. You can follow Jon on Twitter at @jlax.

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