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Reeder for iPhone and iPad brings full Readability integration

A couple of months ago, we were excited to announce a partnership with Reeder that brought much of Readability’s functionality to Mac desktops. Today, Reeder – one of the most popular feed readers for iOS – brings full Readability functionality to the iPhone and iPad.
With Reeder 2.5 you can sync, read offline and manage your Readability reading list right inside of Reeder. We couldn’t be happier to join forces with one of the best-selling and beautifully designed reading apps around. If you haven’t experienced Reeder yet, go get it on iTunes.

We’ve got more big announcements coming soon as we continue to partner and expand Readability’s reach and usefulness. Until then, we hope you’ll enjoy this great implementation of Readability.

Rich Ziade is a founding partner and CEO of Readability. You can reach Rich at or follow him on Twitter.

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  1. If this remembered the position you are in the article it would be perfect.

  2. Love the Reeder/Readability combo. Question though… is there anywhere to report pages that don’t render correctly in the Readability view in Reeder?

  3. Nevermind, found the contact link at the bottom of the page.

  4. And how about sending an article to my kindle? Can I do it directly from this app?

  5. I am heavily missing a Send-to-my-Kindle feature in Reeder’s Readability integration. please add it. love your service!

  6. This is great, as I love Reeder for my RSS. However, it’s currently not great for long form articles yet. As mentioned it would be best if it remembered the position for your article, and when reading the articles it’d be nice if there was a full screen mode that removed the top and bottom bars. Until then, I’d probably use the web version of readability more.

  7. The best announcement that I could hope to hear in Readability is an improvement in the engine. Don’t take me wrong, Readability works well, it just doesn’t work great. Case in point: titles and bylines. I currently have two articles in my queue that simply have the name of the magazine, Men’s Journal, as the title of the article. The author is shown when reading the full article but above the byline is the photo credit with no photo. In fact, most articles in my queue have bylines, missing photos or some other glitch that, while really easy to read and wonderously free of distractions, reeks of first generation clumsiness. Still, thanks for bring some respect to online reading.

  8. Great partnership!
    I’ve used reeder for a while and I’m delighted with this new feature.

  9. As others have said, for longer articles progress syncing would be invaluable. Are there any plans to bring this to Reeder? I assume the read_percent property in the API would allow this.

  10. Hey,

    Definitely a great collaboration and i would agree with others regarding the concerns. But i m sure you must be already looking into them. Great work.

    Thank You.

  11. I would like to second Sebastian’s request – this function is fantastic but, in comparison to other Readability integrations, the key missing feature is the lack of ‘send-to-Kindle’ functionality.

    Readability enjoys a dominant position over Instapaper etc in the Kindle market, largely due to the elegant simplicity of this one unique feature. Please encourage the Reeder developers to utilize it!

  12. A Send-To-Kindle functionality is definitely missing!