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Some Thoughts on Yesterday’s Apple Announcements

A good number of people have asked us how Readability is impacted by the just-announced reading list feature in iOS 5 so we’ve decided to share some of our thoughts here.

Readability’s goal is straightforward: to make the web better. We are big believers in the web’s profound impact on all corners of technology regardless of device, operating system or application. By providing great tools and capabilities around reading, we’re hoping to extend the web’s reach to new devices, contexts and experiences.

Apple is laser-focused on delivering a great experience around its hardware and software by delivering differentiating native features and apps that showcase iOS and in turn Apple devices. This is a logical and effective strategy for Apple, but our motivation is entirely different: allow our users to read anywhere, on any device, while creating a sustainable ecosystem for writers and publishers. As we think about how and where to extend Readability, we view all platforms, apps and services (via our API) as natural extensions of the web. From our reader-friendly URL shortener RDD.ME to the just-announced Amazon Kindle integration, we continue to charge towards our goal of marrying the sheer breadth of the web with the flexibility of reading how and when you want.

As we peer ahead on the Readability roadmap, we’re excited about all the great things we’ve got planned. Our goal is to continue to be on the forefront of how users manage and consume web content in new and innovative ways. In fact, we’ll even explore how we can leverage all the exciting features announced by Apple yesterday – from iCloud to iMessage to iOS 5 – to continue to deliver on our promise. Just as Safari Reader served to validate the value of Readability, we welcome the new reading list feature as yet another vote for delivering a great reading platform – anywhere, anytime.

Rich Ziade is a founding partner and CEO of Readability. You can reach Rich at or follow him on Twitter.

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  1. Any chance there will be a native iOS app now that apple have changed their terms and conditions for subscriptions?

  2. Funny, I paid a visit to the blog with the same question as Florian. As amazing as Readability is, without a full-fledged iOS app it feels like an incomplete system. I hope Apple’s change in policy will allow for a full Readability app in the app store.

  3. We definitely hear your requests for a native app, but you’ll just have to stay tuned. Thanks for understanding!