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Introducing Kindle Support for Readability

We’re really excited to announce the latest update to Readability, featuring support for the Amazon Kindle:

With this update, readers can now send any web article to their Kindle for reading at their convenience. To send to your Kindle, simply run the free Readability browser add-on and click the Send to Kindle button. Moments later it will be available on your Kindle in a nice, comfortable reading format.

Subscribers of Readability can receive their entire reading list automatically in a convenient digest form. There’s no need to even “sync” to your Kindle. Every morning (or any other time you specify), we’ll automatically push your reading list to your device.

For writers and publishers, we’re introducing a first for the web: a free, easily-embeddable “Send to Kindle” button:

Embeddable buttons for publishers

In just a few seconds, you can add this feature to your articles or index pages and your readers will begin enjoying the convenience of Kindle reading around your content. Visit the Free Publisher Tools page to find the code and instructions for installation. Soon, we’ll be announcing some exciting partnerships around our Kindle support.

There are host of other fixes, tweaks and updates with this update to Readability. We’ll be sharing those details in future blog post. Beyond this release, we’ve got even more exciting things to come from the Readability team. Until then, happy Kindle reading!

Rich Ziade is a founding partner and CEO of Readability. You can reach Rich at or follow him on Twitter.

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  1. Nice feature! It it subscribers-only?

  2. @Artem – Nope, free users can also use Send to Kindle. The daily digest is subscribers only, but sending individual articles is free for everyone.

  3. Hey Rich,

    Way to go! This is a very cool and useful feature.
    My folks are Kindle users and they are going to love it.

  4. Now you’re cooking with gas! Think I’ll bump up my contributions as a way to say good job.

  5. This is going to be big.

  6. Awesome! Is Kindle-exclusive reading/archiving possible in the future (i.e. via a link at the end of each article)? As is, it looks like we’ll still have to archive separately from the Readability website.

  7. Nice! Will the daily digests be in the same newspaper format that Instapaper is, or many individual articles? And does it only send the articles it hasn’t sent before?

    (I like Instapaper’s version, but the daily emails never worked for me. I had to fire it manually, and it didn’t seem to recognize all the articles, such as New Yorker articles for some reason.)

  8. This is awesome. Can we get downloadable epubs next? Or emailed epubs(ie, another way to get around the iOS app store). I’m guessing send to Kindle won’t work with Kindle apps?

  9. But how is this work? Via email? In that case haven’t we should add the sender’s mail address to our Kindle setup?

    Or do I have to connect my reading device via USB?

  10. One Suggestion: Add articles name to MOBI documents title and publishers address to authors name/title.

  11. @Zsoltik: Try adding to your approved Kindle senders. This will allow any sender from this domain to send content to your Kindle.

  12. @Joe – Yeah, we’re aware of that. We’re thinking about it. Probably no fix in the very short term.

    @Joe J – Very likely. Does .mobi work or do you have a hard requirement for epub?

    @Zsoltik – You’re jumping the gun! You’re right though – it does use email. Just follow the instructions on the first click, it’ll tell you what to do.

    @Giedrius – Good thought, thanks.

  13. Awesome news, worth spreading!

  14. I’ve waited long for this feature, but it seems that registration (so I can configure my Kindle options) requires payment, is that correct?

  15. I don’t use a kindle and nevcer will. Call me old fashioned or just allergic to Microsoft..
    It is fine and good that you are supporting them but can you please stop the popups ads; I use readbility to avoid ads? That little popup is very annoying! I am paying you to keep that kind of stuff off my reading, so please don’t do that any more.

    If you want to add a line of text at the bottom saying now for kindle that is fine, but the whole point is to NOT have popup picture ads in my reading!

    Thanks, if they persist I will make a formal complaint…


  16. @Stavros – Free users can send individual articles just fine. The first time you click Send to Kindle you’ll get the configuration dialog. To change it later, on a Read Now page you can click the Kindle icon and then click “Edit”. Paid users can also get a daily digest of their articles – so if you’d like that, you’ll want to become a subscriber.

    @Lou – If you click the little “x” at the top right of the flyout it should go away permanently. If it’s not going away for you, let us know and we’ll look into it.

  17. Great stuff!
    Does this work with the WiFi only version?

  18. @guruz — It does. That’s what I’m using. Be sure to use the email address.

  19. This is nice..My question is will you be making this feature available for the rest of us that use ePUB files? Currently, I use to convert articles to ebooks. It uses Readability too and is an excellent app.

  20. @Joe: Thanks. Would amazon charge me for it? What about ?
    Sorry for the questions, I don’t have a kindle yet, but this blog posting might convince me to get one.

  21. I use the text-to-speech feature of Kindle, for I am legally blind. Does this work with Readability? Should I use my regular e-mail address or my Kindle e-mail address? Are there any data fees for sending articles to the Kindle.

    I am so happy that Kindle provides a text-to-speech feature. It has opened up a whole new world for me and many visually impaired folks. I hope that READABILITY will live up to it’s name for us.


  22. (I’m a partner at Arc90 and an investor in Readability.)

    This is so awesome!

    I don’t have a Kindle, but if I did I’d think I’d want the “digest” to also be sent in the late afternoon/evening, before my evening/bedtime reading time. It might be a good idea to do that at some point.

  23. @Lou: What does Microsoft have to do with Kindle? (Hint: Absolutely nothing).

  24. @guruz There is no charge for documents sent through your address. This will allow documents to by synced to your kindle when you have the wifi turned on.

    Lyndol, I just verified on my own Kindle that this does indeed work with both our daily digest and single articles.

  25. Please, make a client for the read later list on kindle

  26. I’m trying to Send to Kindle on Opera (10.5beta), and I consistently get an error, “Sorry, we were unable to send this article to your Kindle. Support has been contacted automatically to resolve this issue.”

    I have in my approved senders list and have been sending to my I’m not a Readability subscriber. I’ve tried sending with the “Send to Kindle” button on this page as well as the bookmarklet, and neither has worked for me. Also, I just tried both the bookmarklet and button in Firefox and it worked like a champ.

    Thanks again for this, by the way. “Send to Kindle” instantly makes my Kindle more useful. So thanks!

    @Lyndol: I tried text-to-speech on a web page that i sent to my Kindle and it worked wonderfully.

  27. Just found this and I think it is cool. I also am putting in a request for epub support. Can this service be used from a web browser without the plugin? That would work for me too.

  28. Could this button be removable? I don’t have a Kindle and it kind of clutters up my toolbar

  29. Great tool. Not a Kindle user, but can see the point in your latest version. What happened though to the “Reload original page”-button? This was useful and is missed here.

  30. @Ben – Unfortunately we haven’t tested on Opera. I can take a look, but no guarantees.

    @Daniel – Yep, you can use the bookmarklet too if you need. It’s more cumbersome, but it works:

    @Jim – Absolutely, just right click and customize your toolbar and you can drag it out.

    @Kithairon – Yeah, we got rid of it to simplify the interface since the domain link up top points to the same place.

    Thanks for the positive response everyone!

  31. I’m using Firefox 4.0.1 on a Mac. After I installed the latest version of the Readability add-on, it worked fine. However, the toolbar icons disappeared after I restarted Firefox, even though Readability still appeared in the installed add-on list. Reinstalling it from the Readability website restored the icons. This has happened twice since yesterday.

  32. Another observation: with the Readability toolbar icons showing in a first Firefox window, I opened a second window. The icons are missing from this one.

  33. Every time I try to download the software, it goes to the subscription page and doesn’t seem to have a link to download readability. I would like to try it before subscribing to it. I also thought that I saw a message that it was not compatible with Internet Explorer, but that is probably incorrect.


  34. @guruz — for the WiFi Kindle, there’s no charge to deliver documents to either of the addresses, but I’ve consistently had trouble using the @free version with WiFi (including Readability).

  35. Very excited about this feature but it has not been working for me realiably besides at one occasion yet.
    I’ve tried it on different browsers (Safari, Safari Mobile on iPad, Firefox4, Chrome 13, etc.) on Mac and Windows via bookmarklet and via extensions also trying the and addresses and so far it has not been working reliably.
    Actually I could only get it to send two articles to my WIFI-only Kindle at one occasion last Friday.

    Any ideas what could have gone wrong?

    I should add that I bought my Kindle at but have transferred it to in the meantime. Still I guess this shouldn’t bee problem in general as my @(free) addresses are still valid and as I said above I was able to at least send two articles to it last friday.

  36. I might want to add that for my last tries today some of the articles I tried to send to Kindle now actually got delivered with a delay of 1-2 hours. And some still haven’t made it onto my device.

    Anyway my guess is that it is a problem on Amazon’s side, or is it?

  37. @utility73 – Our sending provider, Postmark, has been having some sending delays (see here: ). Everything should be sent in general, just a bit slower. We’re seeing an average lag of about 15 minutes right now, it should hopefully be cleared up soon. As far as why emails wouldn’t be sent period on Friday, that sounds like it may have been a configuration error. Maybe see how it behaves once this lag has cleared up?

  38. Fantastic feature. As a Kindle owner, I just want to say thanks.
    This is a major boost for Kindle use.
    Seriously guys, congratulations on a job well done and than ks !

  39. This is awesome, great job! I will probably subscribe once it works with Opera ;)

  40. @Chris – Thanks for your response. In fact it really just seemed to be due to delays. All the stuff I sent to my address showed up later with delays ranging from 1 to 2 hours. Still the ones I tried to send via address did not show up (as far as I could tell via amazon delivery notification emails.)

    Anyways for my latest attempts it has been working well again.
    In any case thank you very much for this incredibly useful feature.

  41. Any chance that subscribers could get a “digest on demand” feature. I like having it automatically there in the morning. But sometimes I fill up my reading list and would like to sync the whole digest to my kindle before going to the beach or somewhere else for the day.

    It would be great to have a send digest to kindle button for subscribers.

  42. Hey Dustin,

    We’ve heard this one a few times now – I’ll add it to our to-do list. Thanks.


  43. So, I finally have a WiFi kindle and I’m really happy with your Readability.
    Open a blog => print view => send to kindle => wait a bit => awesome distraction free reading :)

  44. @guruz —We’re glad you’re happy with the service!

  45. Very nice feature. Too bad I’m a hardcore Nook user. Are there any plans for a Send to Nook button in the future?

  46. Any news on when the on-demand “Update Readability digest” may come? It’s the only thing I’m missing!

  47. any way to send to a non-kindle email addresses in epub or pdf?

  48. @Gordon — that’s in our roadmap. We can’t give you a date, but it’s under way.
    @Mary and @Ron — both of those ideas are under consideration on our Ideas site:

    Thanks for your questions!

  49. Is there anyway to use the “send to kindle” feature with the iPad Kindle app. The hurdle seems to be that the Kindle app doesn’t have a “name” to associate with

  50. @Steve — no, this feature is only for Kindle devices through Amazon’s email system. Thanks for asking.

  51. Hey, I love this feature, but is there a way to not send EVERYTHING I read to my Kindle? Everything I use Readability for is getting sent to my Kindle (as a digest) even when I use the “read now” and “read later” buttons. For now, I’ve opted out of the daily digests, but that’s more of a “nuclear option” than I really want. Is there another way?

  52. Wow, that’s a real convenience and time saver. All this can be done manually, but at that price it’s a bargain even for 1 book a month.

  53. It would be so much better if the daily digest items could be sent to the kindle as one item instead of having a long list of single items. Would make it easier to manage and you could just continue to read your articles all in one go if you prefer it that way.

  54. Can I remove the send to Kindle button from the Toolbar and also the Save for later button?

  55. Hello,

    I tried to send one article with your link “send article to kindle” to my kindle email, but i have received nothing after 2 days.
    The readability email is configured in my amazon account.
    My email address is correct, and i tried to send a file by my personal email to my amzon email and in this case, i received the file in my kindle.
    is-it possible that now, amazon block your email ?

    Thank you

  56. I need to give Readability permission to send me articles on the Kindle. What email address will they be coming from?

  57. @humanmathematics — the setup instructions for “Send to Kindle” are at

  58. Hi

    For some time I have been using Readability to send newspaper articles to my Kindle via my Amazon address. usually the process works well – and I am delighted with the results. So much so that I recently subscribed to Readability.

    On occasion recently, and like this morning, I send items and they do not arrive. This morning my first two attempts worked OK but since then, nothing!

    Is there a way to check the progress of a request to “Send to Kindle” or better still is there a chance that the problem can be resolved.

    I’m using a current model laptop and the latest Kindle WiFi. The wi-fi connection is here at home and is working perfectly otherwise.


    Tom Robinson

  59. PS to the above from me, Tom Robinson

    Oops! Typo in

    Just tried It worked once. And now seems to have stopped also.

    Tom Robinson

  60. Hi Tom—

    We’ve been seeing a small number of individual emails bounce back from Amazon and are working to determine why those—and not all articles or even the same article sent to other users.

    We have had outages from time to time, so if you suspect articles aren’t reaching your Kindle (they always should after just a couple minutes), please let us know.

    As a note, blog comments aren’t really the fastest way to alert us to trouble. Definitely share support requests through — we’re always happy to help!


    Max Fenton
    Readability Community Support

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  62. This feature would have been useful, if you had included instructions on associating it with a Kindle. Otherwise it sits there and tries to send it to a Kindle – but there is no Kindle. No way to specify a Kindle in the add-on settings. Please add at least a sentence or a paragraph of explanation… somewhere…

  63. I uninstalled the readability extension because I could not remove the Kindle option.
    Your desire to add a ‘feature’ caused me to delete the entire Readability option. Don’t assume everyone wants to ‘send to Kindle’.

  64. I’m new to readability and tried out the send-to-your-Kindle. First, it does work, and that’s good because I don’t have to buy a tablet to read articles I find on the web. I should say, however, that it is very slow. I have a fast computer with lots of RAM, so I don’t think the bottleneck is on my end; perhaps the bottleneck is solely due to Amazon … anyway, I think it took about 20-25 minutes to transfer 13 articles saved in Readability from my computer to my Kindle. Again, this eases my tablet desire and saves me money, I guess; but I’ll have to see if the speed issue is a disincentive as I send more and more to Kindle via Readability.

  65. Nice post thank you for sharing this post.

  66. Great feature, thanks a lot, but I need to read some web non-english pages that Kindle just supports them in pdf format. It would be great if there is an option to choose the format of the file.

  67. That’s true what people say – readability don’t want to work with opera (newest version up to date). Shows error message “Sorry, we were unable to send this article to your Kindle. “. My kindle and readability accounts are set up just right – everything works OK on chrome.

    BTW: app is great – thanks!