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Meet the New Readability Mobile

With the re-launch of Readability as a full-fledged reading platform, we made a commitment to deliver the best possible reading experience not only in your web browser but on mobile and tablet devices as well.

Today, we’re excited to announce the release of the new, enhanced version of Readability for mobile and tablet devices. With this release, we’re delivering a rich and comfortable reading experience on most popular tablets and smart phones.

We’ve always known that tablets and smart phones are a great way to consume content formatted with Readability. Now we’ve made it easier and more enjoyable than ever to do so. To install, simply visit and add the app to your home screen.

Readability for mobile features:

  • Drop a link and read comfortably…instantly. Anyone can visit on a smart phone or tablet and paste URL and within seconds, you’re presented with a clean comfortable reading view.
  • Responsive display of the reading experience . Whether you’re on an iPhone, Android, Barnes & Noble Nook or an iPad, Readability senses the dimensions of the device you’re on and morphs the display accordingly.
  • Full offline support. All your articles are synced down to your phone for reading without Internet access. When you’re off the grid, keep using Readability as usual and all of your actions – starring, archiving – sync up automatically once you’re back online.
  • Customize and share. Tweak your display settings for each mobile device or tablet you use. Share any article you’re reading via Twitter, Facebook or email.

Underneath the hood is…the web. Readability for mobile is a web application specially fitted for mobile and tablet devices. It’s a great example of what can be achieved by building apps on the latest web technology.

A final thought regarding our iOS submission: our overarching goal is to deliver the best possible experience to users of Readability. We re-submitted the Readability app to Apple along with an appeal approximately two weeks ago. We haven’t heard back yet.

We hope you enjoy this update to Readability. It’s 100% web technology and 100% approval-free and we’re really proud of it. This release highlights the kind of firepower behind Readability. The team put this together in two weeks. It’s a testament to building applications based upon web standards—effective, cross-device web applications can be built in a fraction of the time of a native app, and be provided without restriction.

Looking ahead, we plan to keep enhancing and building on the foundation we’ve established here. Happy mobile reading!

Chris Dary is the CTO of Readability. You can reach Chris at

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  1. I’m very curious why this doesn’t support Kindle’s yet. I’ll continue to use instapaper for now, but it shouldn’t be that hard to program Readability to send things to, unless I’m missing something.

  2. Why is the readability website so unreadable on a mobile? it’s
    Easy to detect a mobile browser and deliver the right stuff.

  3. I believe in giving people the option to view my content in format they prefer. However, it’s still my content.

    Readability hosts the full-text of articles on publicly accessible URLs, which users can share, driving more people to the Readability version.

    Essentially you’re stealing content (and enabling others to do so) while denying publishers a means to derive revenue from their work *on their own terms.*

    Also, the traffic to the Readability version should be ascribed to the original publisher not to Readability, but you’re not including the original publisher’s tracking code.

    Other than that, I support content that is more readable and accessible. Look forward to seeing how this evolves.

  4. The new version is far better than the previous one. It’s exactly what I was expecting ! Thank you for this, can’t wait to see the next improvements.

  5. I can’t get the offline thing to work when in airplane mode? Get an error message on the iPhone.

  6. Are you planning on supporting HP WebOS?

  7. You guys absolutely rock with the development of Readability. It has quickly surpassed the use of Instapaper in my daily news consumption workflow. Still some minor bugs, but the attention given to fixing them has been awesome. VERY much looking forward to the iOS apps!

  8. Not hearing back from apple’s probably a good thing.

    That means they are actually trying to figure out where the line is for “subscription”.

  9. I’ve always felt that this was the best path for Readability, Instapaper, and other similar services. I think a great number of individuals (and companies) have neglected the idea of web apps. It probably stems from the huge emphasis placed on native apps by all platforms. HTML5 is a far more powerful tool than many people give it credit for.

  10. But, publishers are not being paid. I don’t see why an arrangement in which Readability profits but they don’t would be acceptable to them. Basically, this is the same situation as Readability being unwilling to pay Apple its 30% fee, and Amazon its 10% fee. If you dance to the music….

  11. BTW, does the normal website (not the mobile one) also have offline support?

  12. German special letters like ä, ö, or ü seem to have stopped working on certain webpages, e. g.

    There was no problem with the old version.

  13. I agree that allowing a syc to my Kindle, where I prefer to do much of this reading, would prove very useful. I’m paying through Amazon, so I’d hope that both parties would see the benefit of the connection, as apparently Nook has.

  14. After weeks of bashing Apple for their inAppSubscription policy, please don’t forget to mention, that it was Apple that allows webApps to run fullscreen and to be launched from HomeScreen like a native app.

  15. On March 15th I was informed “Official” Kindle support would be coming soon. I’m paying for my subscription through Amazon and I agree with Steve G. that the two outfits should get there act together and release a solution.

  16. @Nick C.: It is, in fact, in sight now. :) Ping us at with any specific questions!